Race Briefing 2020



This race briefing contains IMPORTANT information for all competitors, please read carefully.


As you can imagine, my workload is huge!  If you have any queries that need directed to me, then please provide me with your race number.  If you’re not sure if you booked the bus, check your confirmation which will tell you before you contact me as I have to look up the same information you do, but I have to look it up for 20+ people.  If you see that you haven’t and you need to book, then get in touch - but remember to give me your race number.


Under SAL rules, headphones are now BANNED on all road sections.  Please adhere to these instructions to save our marshals having to tell you to remove them (and you won’t hear them as you have your headphones still in……) YOU WILL BE DISQUALIFIED.



random checks of you and your drop bags, and if you are found to be in possession of it you will be disqualified 

immediately. This is for your own safety (and that of your























Registration opens at Buckie Community High School.  

All entrants must register and collect their race number and bus tickets (if booked). 

It would help if you let us know your race number to speed up the registration process.  You will get this from the website start list or your entry central confirmation.

Please have your drop bags with you. Once you have been allocated your race number, you can leave your drop bags clearly labelled at the Craigellachie point and Fochabers point (at the registration desk).

Full changing, toilet and shower facilities are available for all competitors within the community high schoolPlease note that all valuables are left in the centre entirely at your own risk.


Buses leave for Ballindalloch. 

Please hand your bus ticket to the driver before you board.


Race briefing at Cragganmore Distillery. 

Please be aware this is also a residential area and we don’t want to upset the residents around the start area so please use the portable toilets supplied


Race Starts at Cragganmore Distillery.

Please note that under SAL rules, no headphones must be worn on the road sections.

You have 9 hours to complete the route which finishes in the square in Buckie.

There is plenty of parking for family, friends and supporters to cheer you in at the end.

13:00 on

When you have finished the race, you can head back up to the High School where there will be refreshments and showers. Refreshments are being provided by a local charity “Stable and Able Falls Group”, who provide seated exercise sessions for the elderly and infirm post fracture or fall to help them build strength and confidence. It does not receive any funding bar their own fundraising efforts, so please donate generously to this worthy cause.


There will also be massage available for a small fee from Mac MacGregor and Shirley Martin.


Prize giving. This will take place at the community high school.


Meal at the local Indian for anybody who wants to come along.  Please let us know for numbers.












The race starts at Cragganmore Distillery in Ballindalloch and the route is well waymarked.  The route will follow the Speyside Way route from Ballindalloch to Cluny Square in Buckie.  Please be aware that no roads are closed and marshals do not have the authority to control traffic.  Keep your eyes and ears open and obey the Highway Code at all times.  On the off road sections, also be aware that they are not just for you.  It is public access to walkers, cyclists and horses so please be courteous and show respect. PLEASE KEEP YOUR NUMBER VISIBLE TO MARSHALLS AT ALL TIMES.  


  • For the first 5 miles when you go onto the old railway line, you just go straight all the way. Where signs may be hidden by undergrowth, keep an eye out for tape markers and spraypaint to help guide you. The first water station will be at 5 miles in Carron.  
  • Continue straight on to the 10 mile mark at Aberlour where there will be marshals to direct you. There are also public toilets here if you require them.  
  • Carry on straight again for another 2.5 miles to the car park at Craigellachie where your first drop bag can be collected to replenish your supplies. Water  will be available. There are toilet facilities here.
  • You then have a road crossing which will be marshalled to direct you onto the twisty 3 mile road section that will take you onto the Ben Aigen off-road section. Watch out for tape here to keep you right. 
  • The Boat of Brig spur will be marshalled as it can be easy to miss. When you come off this spur past the rifle range, the speyside way signage sends you left, but you will be turning RIGHT onto the main road. This is for safety reasons as the route would take you onto a very narrow and windy bit of road which we along with the police deem too dangerous to have runners on.  It isn’t much of a detour, but is necessary to keep you safe. This is a fast and busy bit of road, please take care.  You will then come off the B9103 onto the Moss of Cairnty road.
  • Your next checkpoint will be just after the hairpin bend climb at approx 24 miles. Here there will be another water station and your 2nd drop bag.  
  • You have a couple of road miles, then it’s back off road for a stretch, under the road bridge and straight on to Spey Bay and your 30 mile mark. Due to erosion along the River Spey (no path exists anymore) there is a short diversion.  It will be well signed, but you will be tired and we ask that you pay close attention here. There will be a water station at Spey Bey.
  • You are then on the home stretch towards Buckie! STAY ON THE ROAD unless guided by a marshal! After passing through Portgordon you will come to an old ice house with a grass roof.  A short distance from here the Speyside Way merges with the pavement.  At this point, you should stop following the brown Speyside Way signs and remain on the pavement all the way to the finish. Keep the sea on your left and please ignore green signs for walkers as these will take you off course and into Buckie town centre. Up the hill for the last half mile and smile! You’ve made it!  Water and your goodie bag await.






This is a self supported event although there are a variety of places your supporters can cheer you on. It may be best for family and friend in cars to avoid Ballindalloch and also Ordiquish as there is not much parking and the road is single track with some very steep descents and two nasty hairpin bends.  Along the route will be our off road medic, Sean, who will be sweeping along the course to ensure your safety and also bikers following at the back.  There will be first aiders at the checkpoints and all marshals have the telephone numbers of everybody else stationed along the route so help is never far away.



If you are using personal drink bottles and energy gels please do not discard litter along the route, retain and give it to next marshal. I will be doing a recce of the course the day before, so I’ll know how clear it is. “Take only pictures and leave only footprints”. It is little things like this that ensure we are able to gain permission to put the race on in following years.  The sweeper is there for your safety – not to pick up your rubbish!



If you retire during the race, please notify a marshal or await the sweeper and let him know as soon as possible. If you don’t do this, then we will be out searching for you, presumed lost. Your safety is our prime concern during the whole event.



Cluny Square in Buckie is the official end of the Speyside Way.  It’s roughly a 10 minute “hobble” back up to the community centre where refreshments will be supplied by the “Stable & Able” Falls Prevention Group volunteers and showers and changing facilities will be awaiting you.

I look forward to seeing you on the day and welcoming you to my neck of the woods.  If you need any further information either check the website or drop me an email.


Sarah Grigor

Email: kiminto@tiscali.co.uk